Amazon Web Services as the Best Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud computing has become extremely popular over recent years. It is being put to use by different industries, ranging from the healthcare sector to the financial sector, which benefit from the vast services they are able to leverage in the AWS cloud. Web hosting services and big data analytics require cloud computing because of the high performance the cloud is able to provide. This type of computing is one that uses the internet through interconnected servers for data storage, management, and processing.

Most businesses are using more than one cloud service because of the benefits they are getting from it. Currently, Amazon Web Services, commonly referred to as AWS, is the most popular cloud platform preferred by most businesses. You can contact an experienced AWS Consulting Partner whenever you may need help on how to best leverage these services for your company.

Benefits of Using Amazon Web Services

The following are reasons why you should choose Amazon Web Services.


AWS is highly invested in securing all their basic structures both online and also physically. One of the areas that are highly secured is their data centers. AWS has hired well-trained guards to protect this particular area throughout and also limit the number of people accessing it. The Identity and Access Management (IAM) has also been used to track activities done by different users and even restrict access to most Amazon Web Services resources. All this is vital in ensuring everything is secure. Some of the largest financial institutions in the world trust AWS with their data, so security is always top of mind.

It is Flexible

This is another good thing about AWS. A computing platform that is easily scalable to meet most business needs was set up years back. This system that is very flexible is what is being used by Amazon Web Services and is the main reason why you should use this platform. Amazon Web Services will scale up or scale down on data storage depending on what your company needs at that moment, meaning you never pay for the storage you are not using. This flexibility and scalability are key to why AWS is so valuable.

Highly Reliable

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform you can rely on. Cases of downtime have been very minimal in this cloud service, and they are always fast to fix these challenges. AWS has recorded the lowest number of outages compared to other cloud service providers. If you are looking for the best cloud platform that is always running and available, then Amazon Web Services is a good option.

It is Global

You will always be covered by Amazon Web Services no matter what part of the world you are in. It is widespread across the globe operating in about 15 geographic regions with 45 availability zones in various parts of the continent. It is a trusted global leader when it comes to cloud computing services.

Great Pricing

AWS has one of the best pricing features which makes it affordable for anyone. You have to pay according to how you use it commonly referred to as ‘pay per use.’ This flexible pricing feature enables customers to use the services whenever they need. It also gives you the opportunity to switch to different service levels which will reduce the chances of overspending cloud overspend. Pay per use allows you to save money and also spend on what is worth the value.

Customizing Option

Something good about Amazon Web Services is that you can customize it to meet all your business requirements. Managing some of the things like business resources is much more comfortable, thanks to the customization features by AWS. You will have an easy time monitoring things like costs in your business.

Automatic Service Scheduling

You can schedule some services automatically using Amazon Web Services. This is quite beneficial when you don’t want such services to run or operate when you are off.

Consider Amazon Web Services as your cloud computing platform to enjoy all these benefits.

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