Lenovo Tab V7 Phablet with Android Pie Gets Fcc Certification

The world of technology is making quite the improvement by leaps and bounds and products are being released into the market that are outdoing other products when it comes to performance. Likewise, Lenovo has released and launched its new Tab V7 Phablet with Android Pie, breaking its own record of delivering top notch products with premium quality. And to top it all, this Tab V7 gets an FCC certification as well – thus adding a feather to their name! All such modern features packed into one ultimate tab that features everything that one might seek. Now, buyers can use this phone to even access and read reviews about the latest internet casino in UK as well!

Phone features and specifications:

  • RAM – The tablet offers a superb primary memory of 3072 MB
  • CPU – Packed with a strong 8x ARM Cortex-A53 (1800MHz) processing unit with a Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon SDM450 chipset
  • GPU – Qualcomm Adreno 506
  • Screen Size – 1080 X 2160
  • Screen Density – 480 DPI
  • SDK – Android 9

FCC Specifications and other details:

Lenovo is reported to call this tablet (or preferentially called a Phablet) as Phab 3. They have been working on a device that not only offers a larger display but also with extended battery life. According to sources, a new device has been cited where FCC documents have been accessed by the Nashville Chatter. The device is termed with model numbers as PB-6505M and PB-6506MB – both of which are accompanied with battery power and juice worth of 5180mAh. Although speculations are such that these two models could be the new Phab 3 tablet that is going to be launched by Lenovo, however, anything is still at a premature stage. According to company sources, the new Phab 3 tablet would be released and launched before or at the end of this quarter.

FCC Listing details and the Software Platform:

According to FCC details and specifications, the device would have dimensions of 178 X 86 sq. mm. Diagonally, the screen would measure somewhere about 198 mm in length. The phone would feature a 7.8-inch screen display, a fingerprint scanner, a camera with LED flash etc. as well.

With Android 9 Pie and a Qualcomm Adreno 506 chipset, this tab would be a top of the line product. According to third-party sources, it has also been speculated that the phone-tablet would be available with 4 GB of RAM and with two other storage options as well. The basic phone variant comes with a 32 GB internal memory with a microSD card slot as well. A more expensive variant comes off with a 64 GB internal memory and also with a microSD slot.

The speculations strongly suggest that this FCC mentioned device would be the new Phab 3 tablet that most people are talking about. The reason is that the model has been termed with the two starting letters as ‘PB’, thus suggesting that like its previous two releases, this device would also be added to Lenovo’s Phablet series as well.

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