Difference between keno and lottery games

Keno and lottery games are very alike, but if you have ever wondered what the similarities and the differences are between these games, go no further.

If you have ever played the lottery, then, you know how to play Keno. The basis of a lottery game is to select a few numbers and anxiously wait for the big draw. Here are some main differences between the games:

  1. One big difference between Keno and a lottery game is basically the amount of money the player is going to wager. In world renowned lottery games, you will be parting with a tad more money than you are when you play Keno, but then again, the jackpots in Keno are also not as big as the US Powerball or Mega Millions.
  2. Keno also differs in the amount of numbers that players can choose. Lottery games have a set structure and usually has a “extra bonus number” which makes the game much harder. That “bonus” number is what shrinks your chances of winning. Keno has no such slippery corners. You just choose your numbers.
  3. Keno also offers a more instantly gratifying experience with a game being drawn every five or six minutes, unlike lottery games that players follow only one or two games per week and must wait for the draw.

This is definitely the main positive point of Keno, you play as many times as you want every hour. And with good online lottery platforms it is even easier as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to play. With online Keno, players choose their numbers and click on play. The random number generator chooses numbers and, voila! Results.

Knowing how to bet is definitely what will make you have good results with . The keno game for real money can make you make lots of money with just a quick selection of numbers as well as a lottery game. Other similar games like Bingo online also follow the same format of game and way of being awarded.

For the keno game you will have to bet on every game you choose. So if you have chosen to bet $ 5 on 4 different houses and chose to play 5 different games you will automatically wager $ 25 at once. If you are a beginner in the keno game it is easier to get past the amount you intended, but knowing more about how to bet on the keno game you will be confident and know how to place your bets to have more advantages.

Origins of the KENO game

Although the name Keno has the sound of the French and Latin word Quini or Quine, which represents the number 5, many believe that it was first played in China, and its creator was the Chinese general Cheung Leung during the Han Dynasty. By mid-200 BC, the general needed to raise funds to meet the need for his army.

After years of wars, villagers refused to contribute weapons and other provisions, and to raise funds, Cheung Leung created a kind of lottery game that used 120 characters of the Chinese alphabet, which should be chosen by their players for a kind of draw.

Keno at the time became known as “the white dove game”, as it was believed to use pigeons to communicate the results in distant villages. The game was an infallible idea and became a great source of revenue that eventually met the needs of the troops.

Even though this story is not proven, they say that the game’s extra profit was 8,000 miles from the well-known Wall of China that had the main intention of protecting its people from attacks. Keno was taken to American soil two centuries ago by Chinese immigrants, who would have to help build the American transcontinental railroad. After this episode, the name of Chinese lottery was given. From that fact, the game became known all over the world, becoming the favorite of many players. After a period, the Chinese characters have been replaced by numbers.

In the mid-1930s, in Las Vegas, the lotteries were banned and the game had to be reworked to look like a horse race, it began then to be called “horse race keno”, and instead of numbers on the card, players placed bets on numbered horses.

After some time, the lottery was legalized, the horse figures were quickly withdrawn and replaced by the numbers again. The game then, started to be called only Keno, but to this day the association between the game and the horse race remains.

Play keno for real money and enjoy bonuses to win more

Do you have free time and want to have a good chance of making money in an easy-to-play game even on your phone? The keno game is as simple as a lottery game but depending on the point of view more attractive than a regular lottery game because you can use casino bonuses or even bet on a jackpot that can bring lots of money to your side.

Keno Game Strategies

Even the keno game being a game of luck more than other online casino games, there are methods that can increase the odds of bringing luck to your side and tips that can help the player in their moves, check out some of them:

• Try to choose the Keno game with progressive jackpots that offer prizes and more chances to win;

• Use keno game combination tickets where you can play multiples, this will also increase your chances of winning;

• Choosing only one or two numbers costs little money and the probability of gain is far away. A good bet amount would be between 4 and 8 numbers where there are chances of big prizes;

• Try to enjoy every round, it is best to choose your own numbers than to let the machine play in automatic mode, this often leads to frustration and choosing your own numbers enhances the fun.

Hopefully this article can make you better understand Keno.

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