The top 5 Benefits of using LED Video Wall Technology for your Events

A decade ago, only a small segment of the market had access to video walls. The only places you will likely come across glowing walls with digital signage were malls, stadiums, casinos, etc.

But thanks to the continuous development and expansion of this disruptive technology, this type of installation is being employed in almost every industry in existence today.

What is a LED video wall?

A Led video wall is an efficient technology that comprises DV (Direct View) LED displays which work mutually as a unit to display or reveal content as if the whole ensemble is on a single screen.

LED screens are extraordinarily efficient since each component can conduct and emit their own light. If you are looking for a LED video wall you can rent a LED video screen from Wichita.

LED (Light-Emitting Diodes)

LEDs are tiny light bulb – i.e. a two-lead semiconductor light source – which can easily plug into electric circuits. What makes LEDs special is because they can not only produce but they can also emit light independently. This is the primary reason why they are incredibly durable and can last very long.

LEDs don’t have filaments like standard light bulbs; so they can burn out or run hot. The rapid movement of electrons in a semiconductor material illuminates them and determines the color. This is unlike the common video walls with back-lit images; LEDs, on the other hand, are producing those remarkable images on their own.

Direct View (DV) LED displays started out as monochrome, and in most cases, were utilized in outdoor digital signage. But as technology continued to improve, RGB (red, green, blue) or color LEDs began to hit the market. DV LED screens are now common sensations in the digital signage industry.


This Technology Can Work Indoors and Outdoors Without Sacrificing the Quality of Images

There was a time when event organizers relied on projectors for use in various outdoor competitions. But they usually realize – at the last minute – that the quality of the image is found wanting. Not using the right equipment can disrupt productions, thereby making the experience an unpalatable one.

But this has become a thing of the past, thanks to the Led video wall which works efficiently for both indoor or outdoor competitions and events. It has become the best option as a result of its astonishing features. Its competitive edge and price point has enabled this innovative technology to replace projectors conveniently.

It Can Be Used for Creating Stunning Environments that will Excite Your Audience

As a professional organizer, it is highly crucial for you to understand that the use of this high-quality equipment which will, in turn, provide the best sound and high-definition images can have a more significant impact on your audience. This innovative equipment can help in creating spectacular environments that will greatly influence your audience.

It Is Unaffected By Ambient Light

This groundbreaking technology is the perfect option for anyone who wishes to create and enjoy high-resolution video display. Quality and reliability are not a projector’s strong points, and this has led many users to avoid old-school equipment.

But this state-of-the-art video wall technology trumps its predecessor – i.e. the projector – in the sense that it is usually not affected by ambient light, even in well-lit locations or for outdoor events or competitions.

Incredibly Light and Flexible

This inventive equipment is thin and incredibly light; it is also durable and flexible. These remarkable features have contributed to making it the preferred choice by event organizers.

Low Maintenance Cost

The panels of this advanced video wall equipment can be reassembled or rebuilt anywhere any time just in case there last-minute changes of plans.


You should consider investing in this groundbreaking equipment; it is a significant asset that you will never regret all the days of your life!

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