Mountain Everest Max Gaming Keyboard Review


Mountain’s companion software is called Base Camp and can be downloaded here. This is the same software we saw with the Makalu 67 mouse. Opening it up you’ll find a list of Mountain products you have connected to your PC.

mountain everest max ss1

When you click on the customize button you’ll be brought into the Profiles section. The Everest Max supports up to 5 different profiles, all of which can be saved on the keyboard itself, so technically this keyboard is not software dependent.

mountain everest max ss2

Next is Lighting. Here we can customize the lighting on the keyboard. There are a total of seven different effects and inside each effect you can adjust colors, speed, brightness, direction and more. The keyboard does support per-key customization.

mountain everest max ss3

After Lighting is Key Binding. Here we can fully reprogram each key on the keyboard by simply selecting a key and changing its function. There are quite a lot of options too including OS commands, running a program, running a macro, multimedia, keyboard shortcuts, mouse buttons, and even OBS studio commands. If you select one of the custom buttons on the number pad you’ll have the ability to change the picture or what is displayed on the key. Mountain has a bunch of default images, but you can select your own as well.

mountain everest max ss4 mountain everest max ss8

Up next is Macro, where you can create and save macros. You can easily record your macros and record both your keyboard and mouse.

mountain everest max ss5

Next is the Display Dial tab. Here we can enable or disable the different menus on the display dial, set the colors, and even set an image as the screen saver.

mountain everest max ss6

Finally we have the Settings tab. Here we can check for firmware updates, set what keys are disabled during game mode, set the keyboard layout, and reset the keyboard to its defaults.

mountain everest max ss7

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