MSI Announces the Trident, World’s Smallest VR-Ready Gaming PC

MSI, world leader in true gaming hardware and expert in building compact and incredibly powerful gaming desktops, is taking it to the next level with the new MSI Trident. Introducing world’s smallest VR gaming desktop, extremely compact and with desktop performance levels that fit any gamer’s demands.

MSI Trident MSI Trident

Trident uses a customized MSI GeForce GTX 1060 gaming graphics card and the latest Intel Core processors to ensure that gamers get a powerful machine. Coupled with MSI’s exclusive thermal design, Silent Storm Cooling 2, not only its cooling efficiency is unmatched, it also stays as quiet as an assassin. Besides all power from its hardware goodness on the inside, Trident has a breathtaking case design and RGB Mystic Light to fit in any room at home. It also has more than enough connection ports on the front and backside to let you connect all your game devices. Plug in your portable storage device, gaming headset or keyboard and get into action in an instant! Moreover, two high speed USB ports on the front of Trident are ideal to connect your game controller to as well. Trident redefines the size needed for true PC Gaming and will let gamers bring true gaming desktop performance everywhere.

MSI Trident MSI Trident

The MSI Trident is a complete and ready-to-go gaming system and will be available worldwide by middle of November 2016.

Custom MSI Gaming Graphics Card
Built inside the Trident is a custom made MSI desktop GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING graphics card. With better cooling and customization, it brings powerful and silent performance to the table. This graphics card is built to last and ready for the major blockbuster games coming out in the years to come.

Silent Storm Cooling 2
Cooling is essential for Gaming systems. MSI Trident features MSI’s special and exclusive cooling technology, Silent Storm Cooling 2. Separating key components in different chambers with optimized airflow, the systems cooling is completely fine-tuned and ready for many hours of gaming while keeping the system super silent at the same time.

Gaming Mystic Light
For those who like to give their system a personal touch, Trident features RGB Mystic Light. Make the chassis look on fire or cold as ice, you are in control. Gamers can select any of the colors from the palette, while also being able to choose from breathe, gradient or Gaming & Music modes.

Smallest VR-Ready Gaming PC
MSI Trident is a true Gaming PC for next generation gaming. It is equipped with VR-Link which includes a front HDMI out port to connect your VR device easily, combined with ‘One-click-to-VR’ software to optimize your PC for VR with just one click of a button. With a size of a mere 4.7 liters, Trident is world’s smallest VR ready Gaming Desktop to date.

Fits into Any Room with Horizontal and Vertical Stance
You choose how to use your Trident. You can place it horizontally or vertically thanks to the special stand included. In this way MSI Trident will always fit to your gaming needs.

Never Stop Gaming
Do you love games? So do we! The best platform for playing games is of course a PC. It can give you the biggest library of games to play, from classic games to the latest blockbuster titles. MSI Gaming Desktops are backwards compatible and can support console games with certified programs such as Xbox Play Anywhere and PlayStation Now.

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