Intel To Release Overclockable Core i3 “Kaby Lake” Processor

Typically when Intel releases a new series of mainstream processors it will feature two overclockable “K” processor SKUs. With “Kaby Lake” we know that Intel is preparing the Core i7-7700K and Core i5-7600K, but it looks like they will be releasing a third “K” overclockable processor as well.


This third overclockable “Kaby Lake” processor will be the dual-core Core i3-7350K. It will be Intel’s first overclockable Core i3 part and should spice things up in the sub-$200 market. Now this is not the first dual-core overclockable part from Intel recently, for their 20th Anniversary of the Pentium brand they released the overclockable Pentium dual-core G3258 processor.

The Core i3-7350K will have an unlocked base-clock multiplier, which will let you easily overclock it. The chip also will feature HyperThreading so the OS will have four logical CPUs to address. The chip boasts speeds of 4.0 GHz core with a boost up to 4.20 GHz and has 4MB of L3 cache. The TDP is 91W, which is actually the same as the overclockable quad-core chips. The rumored price for the processor is around $177.

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