Friday, July 20, 2018

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Intel To Release Overclockable Core i3 “Kaby Lake” Processor

Typically when Intel releases a new series of mainstream processors it will feature two overclockable "K" processor SKUs. With "Kaby Lake" we know that Intel is preparing the Core i7-7700K and Core i5-7600K, but it looks like they will be releasing a third "K" overclockable processor as well.

Intel Skylake
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Locked Skylake Processors Should Be Overclockable Soon

Overclocking Intel processors by messing with the base-clock (BCLK) has been pretty unstable since Intel fully integrated the core logic (northbridge) with its processors. It was unstable as it was used for other key components on the chip like the iGPU and PCIe root-complex. With Skylake, Intel has de-linked the base-clock from other clock domains, which allows for overclocking using the BCLK. This is very helpful with overclocking on non-k processors.

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