MSI Core Ultra 100H “Meteor Lake” AI Laptop Series Is Now Available For Preorder Starting At $1049

Recently revealed retailer listings, discovered by hardware expert @momomo_us, have verified that MSI’s AI laptops will be powered by the upcoming Intel Meteor Lake processor series, with an expected launch next month.

The disclosed lineup suggests MSI is preparing to unveil a lineup of 13.3″ and 16-inch laptops, distinguished by their “AI” designation and a clear emphasis on content creation. This expansion marks a broader range for MSI, recognized for its current Prestige, Stealth, and Creator Pro laptops tailored for mobile workstations and sophisticated content creation.


Particularly, specific models are labeled “Studio,” underscoring their dedication to creative tasks, multitasking, and providing substantial power and precision. Notably, MSI already offers systems equipped with Intel Core i9-13900H and RTX 4070 graphics, specifically crafted for creative endeavors. This suggests the possibility of additional systems being complemented by potent discrete GPUs in the future.

The forthcoming successor, referred to as the Core Ultra 100H series, is anticipated to include additional cores, aiming for enhanced power. Interestingly, there is no sign of a Core Ultra 9 SKU for the upcoming ‘launch’ laptops, as the highest identified specification presently is the Core Ultra 7 155H. These systems are confirmed to integrate Arc Graphics directly into the processor.


A number of these laptops have emerged on Newegg, revealing their purported retail prices of $1,049, $1,299, and $1,649. The most budget-friendly option is the Prestige 13 AI, boasting a 13.3″ screen and storage choices ranging from 512GB to 1TB of SSD storage. In contrast, the 16″ variant, dubbed Prestige 16 AI, is listed at $1,649.

Although the retailer doesn’t provide details about the CPU series, it is mentioned that these laptops are anticipated to be on the market between December 18th and 22nd. It’s important to note that Intel has a planned launch event on December 14th, implying that these systems won’t be available on the first day.