MSI GeForce GTX 770 Twin Frozr Gaming OC Edition Video Card Review

Included Software & Operating Modes
MSI’s Gaming Series graphics card ship with the MSI Gaming App. This simple application allows you to easily overclock and underclock your video card. The App has three settings, OC Mode, Gaming Mode and Silent Mode. By default without the software installed the MSI GeForce GTX 770 Twin Frozr Gaming OC card will run in “Gaming” mode which sets the GPU core clock at 1059 MHz with a boost of 1111 MHz.

If you open the Gaming App up you can change which mode the card is in. If we select OC Mode this automatically brings the card up to 1114 MHz core with a boost of 1166 MHz.


There is also a silent mode which actually underclocks the card down to 1020 MHz core with a boost of 1072 MHz.


One thing that is great about this App is that you don’t need to restart your system or anything like that. It will change the clocks and your screen with flicker for a second and then you are ready to go!

MSI’s Afterburner applicaiton is extremely popular. It allows you to manually overclock your graphics card, even if it is not a MSI branded card. You can also adjust the fan speed and see temperatures, power limit and fan speed in real time.


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