Monday, September 24, 2018

Thermaltake Commander F5 Fan Controller Review

Today’s product comes from a well-known company ThermalTake. As we all know, ThermalTake offers products from chassis’, power supplies, coolers and storage. But what about cooling? Sure they also offer a wide variety of fans but what motherboard has enough headers to connect every fan. ThermalTake has developed a multi fan controller for your custom cooling needs. The Commander F5 fan controller offers five channels at 8w per channel. Read on to see if the Commander F5 holds up to the ThermalTake reputation.

Special thanks to ThermalTake for providing us with the Commander F5 to review.

– Stylish honeycombed mesh grille design.
– 5 channel independent sliders for absolute airflow control.
– Individual LEDs provide power and access indication.
– Comprehensive control of fan cooling performance and noise.
– Compatible with 4-pin (Molex) connector fans.
– Fits in a standard 5.25” drive bay for easy installation.

Compatibility: 5.25” bay
Weight: 185g
Dimension: 150 x 80 x 42 mm
Material: Plastic & Mesh
Main function: Manual Fan Speed Controller
Color: Black
Cable length: Power cable 100mm; Fan cable 600mm
Connector: 3-Pin x5; 4-Pin power cable
DC Input: +12v
DC Output Range: 4v – 10.5v
Watts per Channel: 8w

The Commander F5 comes packaged in an elegant black box that is easily compared to other brands. The front of the box shows the company name, product model and a 3d view of the fan controller featuring its sliders with a vibrant blue background.

Thermaltake Commander F5 Fan Controller

The left side of the back of the box includes the specific features and specifications. To the right, we find miniature pictures of the features supported such as the mesh honeycomb face cover, the individual smooth moving sliders as well as supporting both molex and 3-pin connectors. We also see that it fits in the 5.25” bay and supports multiple fan sizes.

Thermaltake Commander F5 Fan Controller

As we open the box we find the fan controller wrapped in an antistatic bag secured in a Styrofoam shell to keep it from being damaged in transit.

Thermaltake Commander F5 Fan Controller

Included in the box are four mounting screws, an installation guide and an owner’s manual. One thing that I was expecting to see on the box is a warranty but was not listed. Hoping that it’s in the owner’s manual, I found that it’s extremely fine print being a 5 point or so. Under the warranty section it clearly states “In the event that warranty periods are different in individual regions, please contact the site where the product was purchased”. Do they not cover their own warranty services?

Thermaltake Commander F5 Fan Controller

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