MSI Project Zero Hides All Power Connectors From The Motherboard

Theere has been a major shift in design regarding motherboards; they aren’t what they used to be. The new trends are more inclined towards sleek and slim designs where cables and circuits are totally hidden from the view. This means that we are in for a big change when it comes to the next-gen motherboards. The ones coming in now are heavily clad under metallic or plastic covers. However, this shift will still require a lot of time.


Project Zero by MSI has been based off a MEG Unify design; we are most probably talking about the Z690 model which will come with quad-DDR5 SO-DIMM support. There was some time lag in between as the company decided to redesign the whole placement for the motherboard headers, power connectors, and SATA. As opposed to the previous design, these are now located at the rear. This might bring to attention how cables will be attached and adjusted in such a tiny space.

MSI Project ZERO 3

In case where the connectors are facing in opposite directions, the motherboard design will have to be re-evaluated and changed. The same thing happened with the Gigabyte Stealth design. Both the Project Zero and Gigabyte Stealth are merely projects as of now but at least the trends are moving in the right direction which means that good standards are being set for the future. Of course, the hidden cables offer a much better aesthetic look and will be the preferred choice for most.

MSI Project ZERO 2