MSI Releases its HD 7790 Graphics Card

Today is the release day for AMD’s latest graphics card the Radeon HD 7790. MSI has released their own version of the card. MSI has two versions of the card (R7790-1GD5/OC & R7790-1GD5). Let’s concentrate on the R7790-1GD5/OC because the other one is just the reference design. The R7790-1GD5/OC card is slightly overclocked at 1050MHZ core and has 1GB of GDDR5 running at 6000MHz effective.

msi hd7790

The card also has MSI’s Military Class III components like all solid capacitors and Super Ferrite Chokes. The card features a 100mm cooling fan with dual heat pipes and an expanded heat sink that doubles the air flow. MSI bundles their Afterburner utility so you can not only control the fan speed, but also easily overclock and monitor the card.

Expect to see this card in early April with the rest of the HD 7790’s. We assume it will have the $159 MSRP.

Source: MSI | News Archive

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