MSI Shows Four-Way M.2 PCIe Expansion Card That Looks Like a GPU

MSI is showing off a new 4-way M.2 PCI-Express expansion card that looks like a graphics card. This new expansion card seems to be MSI’s solution to M.2 solid state drives over heating and in-turn throttling. MSI has re-purposed their Aero Cooler, which they use on graphics cards and applied it to this expansion card. This gives users 50W of cooling power, which can go up to 75W if you plug in the addition 6-pin power connector to put the fan in overdrive.

msi m2 1

This seems to be a little overkill, but we love it. No M.2 drive installed in this solution should ever over-heat. MSI will be including this solution with their Threadripper X399 MEG Creation motherboard, which is a beast of a motherboard by itself. MSI also expects to sell this solution as a standalone product.

msi m2 2

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