MSI Shows Off GeForce GTX 980 Gaming with TwinFrozr V Cooler

Last week MSI showed off a rendering of their TwinFrozr V cooling solution, we were unsure which card it was but now we know it was their GeForce GTX 978 Gaming graphics card. They have released render of the entire card!


Taking a look at the TwinFrozr V cooling solution it has a lot in common with the R9 290X / 780 Ti Lightning coolers. The only major difference that we can see is that the TwinFrozr V uses a dual-fan solution, whereas the TriFrozr solution of course makes use of three fans. From the looks of it the fans of the TwinFrozr V are 100 mm and have large propeller blades with dust removal technology. This combination should offer low noise with maximum performance.

MSI’s TwinFrozr V cooling solution will make its debut with NVIDIA’s launch of the GeForce 900 series next week. The red elements on the card suggest we are looking at MSI’s Gaming series, which we know follows that same color scheme.

Keep in mind this is just a render, the final product could look a little different.

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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