MSI Shows Promising External Graphics Card Dock

MSI was showing their prototype AX24 all-in-one PC, which is basically a PC built into the back of an LCD screen. We have seen this from all-in-ones before, but what was more interesting was the external graphics card dock on the back of the display. This has to be one of the best and most compact implementations of an external graphics card dock that we have seen.

MSI AX24 External Graphics Card Dock

The graphics card dock can fit dual-slot graphics cards and comes with its own separate AC adapter that provides 330 watts of power. MSI says the dock will fit cards up to the standard size of the GTX Titan X. Sadly, this is just a prototype and is only made to work with this specific all-in-one PC from MSI.

MSI AX24 External Graphics Card Dock

It would be nice to see a non-proprietary unit that would possibly have VESA mounts and use a type of connection that would allow it to be connected to any all-in-one PC or notebook. With technologies like thunderbolt advancing we could see this in the future!

Images courtesy of ComputerBase.


Source: ComputerBase | News Archive

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