MSI Stealth Mid Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts
When I first saw this case I really did not expect much, but to my surprise this case really is feature packed and makes installing a system simple and easy.  Again as I said my favorite part of the case are the blue accents everywhere.  They really make the inside of the case pop and if you have matching components that makes things even better.  Sadly though once you put the side panel of the case on all of that awesomeness goes away.  I would have really liked to see MSI put a side panel window on this case.

Another feature I did not expect to find on this case was all of the room behind the motherboard to route and hide cables.  This is something you do not often find on mid tower cases, especially ones that are in this price range.  Of course since this is a new case you do have USB 3.0 connectivity with the internal connector, but it was nice to see a USB charging port as well.  I always charge my phone via my computer so being able to charge it faster is a plus.

All of the tool-less systems on the case worked without any issues at all.  The hard drive trays are so simple, but ingenious.  So many hard drive trays that are designed the same way where you have to sort of bend them to get 3.5-inch hard drives in.  Doing that it is very hard to line up the holes.  The hard drive trays on the Stealth pull apart so you can place the drive right in the middle and then slide them back together to lock the drive in the tray.  Every case that uses trays should be like this!

The rubberized finish on the front and top of the case give it a cool look and feel.  As far as cooling goes the case does come with two 120mm fans, which should suffice for most people, but if you want to add more fans there are room for 5 more.

There really is not much that I do not like about this case, but then comes the price.  Right now the Stealth is selling for $89.99 at my favorite online retailer with a $25 mail in rebate card! With that place you really cannot go wrong! Overall I am very impressed with this case and it is a great choice for anyone building a new system.  ThinkComputers gives the MSI Stealth Mid Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Sleek look
– Ingenious hard drive tray design
– The interior looks awesome
– USB 3.0 and USB charging port
– Lots of room behind the motherboard tray

– Side panels hides all that awesome blue inside

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