Mushkin Announces Catalyst Cache SSD

Austin, Texas July 23rd,2012 – -Mushkin ( Add SSD performance to an existing hard drive at an economical price with the new Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD. This simple upgrade combines the capacity of an existing hard drive with the speed of a Solid State Drive. The addition of a Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD will accelerate boot times, application launches, and general system performance.

Dataplex™ Cache software makes the innovative combination of a hard drive and an SSD possible. Frequently accessed data and applications are cached to the SSD automatically. Less frequently used data stays on the hard drive. Further boosting performance – Mushkin’s caching policy includes both reads and writes.  Supercharged performance is the result.

The Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD is available in 50GB and 100GB capacities and works with any SATA interface. A SATA 6Gb/s system can yield up to 550MB/s read/515MB/s write – blazing speed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional SSD.

“The Catalyst Cache SSD really is the best of both worlds. Users will experience amazing speed while maintaining large amounts of data on their computer. The best part, it’s an upgrade that wont break the bank.” – Brian Flood, Mushkin director of product development.

The Mushkin Catalyst SSD is available now from authorized Mushkin resellers and distributors.


About Mushkin
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