Must have iPhone Apps in 2020

Currently App Store is close to having over 1 million apps that iPhone users can pick from. With all these apps, one will definitely be confused and lost as to which apps are worth installing in your iPhone.

However, instead downloading many apps that you might not even be using, you can look out for the must have iPhone apps in 2020. In this article, we will list some of these apps, which you must consider having in your iPhone. You can also download best online slots apps for entertainment.

Most of these apps are those that we use on a daily basis and they get us through long day’s work as well as traveling. In simple terms, they make life easier for iPhone users.

Google Maps

The iPhone itself has an official navigator app called Maps. However, Google Maps is another essential app that you can add to your iPhone. It fully delivers and having two is better since Maps sometimes misbehaves and cause navigation problems. Hence, adding another one is ideal.

Bill Guard

This is one of the most useful iPhone apps. The Bill Guard app helps you to keep track of your finances and even helps you with managing your spending habits. The app is designed to keep to keep you aware of irregular spending and those bills you need to pay.

The Buffer App

In this era, staying above the game in the field of social media is no walk in the park. Thanks to the buffer app, iPhone users can easily take control of their social media posts. This is for social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You easily schedule time for when your posts can be posted. Big sites such as toponlinecasinos online casino may use this app to schedule their posts.

The app will measure and assign a certain time for when most of your followers will be listening. Moreover, you get to check stats and see how your posts perform.