Network Security Review

These are some of the security questions you need to ask when you have your own network at home. Wired and wireless network connections are using different types of network security. If you do your banking online, shop online, contact friends, it is important for you to check your network to see if any possible security holes are in place. Just think about it, a hacker who steals some valuable information from your computer that exploits your network security risk may be on standby. Worm is a malicious code or software that spreads from one computer to other using network highways. Link to the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 provides some other protection, such as Windows firewall and Windows Defender.

These are the basic securities you need to consider when evaluating your Network Security. Staying safe with this protection at all times, will give you peace of mind in doing your banking and online shopping because you know you are completely safe. In addition, you should also be aware of how to avoid manual virus and spyware removal on your computer.

  • Network security is a self-contradictory philosophy where you need it
  • Provide absolute access and at the same time provide absolute security.
  • Any enterprise needs to protect itself from two different accesses
  • For this matter information / transaction internal
  • Access to information or
  • That’s enough work to master the outside world resources
  • This is where firewalls penetrate. The firewall acts as a door guard
  • Allow interrupt and non-interference requests and access.
  • Setting up and maintaining a firewall is a task in itself
  • Experience and knowledge required. There are no hard and fast rules
  • Depending on where the firewall is, to direct the firewall
  • How to install and how the enterprise intends to provide access
  • Information / Resources Therefore, the utility of any firewall depends on it
  • How good or bad you call it. Please inform many firewalls
  • Come up with preconfigured rules, which are intended to work
  • The firewall gives you information about the attacks that caused it

You can say that if you have the basic devices to build a network and have security features at the same time; your network is set up correctly.


Provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is the source of your Internet connection. Depending on which device model you have, it usually comes with a security for added security.


Capable of both wired and wireless, it has Internet connection. Some firewalls do what they call a hardware firewall and software firewall. A state full firewall (any firewall that performs state packet inspection (SPI) or state fire inspection) is a firewall that travels over a network connection (such as TCP streams, UDP communications).

Wireless Security

The basic options for wireless security to choose from are WEP, WPA and MAC address filtering. Network security gives you two types of protection. Your network security is as secure as any unsecured computer in the network. This means if you have 3 computers and no one has the necessary security, the whole network will still be vulnerable to hack attacks.

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