The importance of email marketing and why we need DeBounce

What are the Digital Marketing strategies you use to attract the audience’s attention to your company’s product or service? Most likely you would answer that the main bets are mobile marketing, social media and video marketing. However, have you ever stopped to think that Email Marketing can be a great way to build loyalty and gain new customers?

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In addition to being an economical and sustainable way to promote your business, E-mail Marketing enables audience segmentation, high Return on Investment (ROI), increased brand recognition, among others. One of the main advantages of Email Marketing is the ability to reach a more targeted audience. And for that to happen, first of all, you need to define the scope of the email and to whom it will be sent.

Let’s say you’re the owner of a world-renowned sporting goods brand and its main focus is to announce the latest release of a running shoe, which, according to research, is the most adherent and comfortable in the segment. The product is also suitable for hiking.

As the example already suggests, email should be triggered for people who are interested in products in this segment, which may be amateur or professional runners, or even those who are hikers.

This strategy can be used on customer commemorative dates, such as birthdays. Near the date of celebration, send an email reminding you that there are a few days to the customer’s birthday, and the date itself, showing satisfaction for having earned his trust.

But what if we deal with invalid emails? Can our email marketing still be seen as a potential strategy?

Broadly speaking, invalid emails can come from three reasons;
– Emails that are not used anymore
– Emails made specifically to get services or products for free
– E-mails used to spread dangerous viruses into the system

In fact it is very difficult to distinguish between valid emails and the ones that are not valid manually. But it will be very easy to automatically scan emails with the help of an email checker. There are many email checker products on the market but the best is DeBounce. Of course there is a reason for it.

DeBounce is a powerful email checker tool that can scan invalid emails and get rid of them forever from your system. Not only scan, DeBounce also comes with various features as follows:

– Deduplication Email
– Email Verification API
– Anti-greylisting Technology
– Selectable Download Options
– Account Team
– Spam-trap Removal
– Domain Confirmation
– MTA Validation
– Catch-all Domain Checker
– Etc.


Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. This cannot be replaced completely by the presence of social media. However email is the main confirmation tool for each of our activities in cyberspace. But it will still be effective as long as we deal with valid emails. To make sure we always deal with vaild emails, is the best tool.

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