New iMac Powered By Intel Is On Its Way

The end of WWDC 2020 keynote with no announcement for new Apple iMacs was sad news, but luckily a tipster claimed that Apple products are in the pipeline but was not specific about the products. Not to worry, an educated guess has been made regarding the products Apple will release soon.

Intel-Based iMac:

According to the tweet made by L0vetodream, a new iMac with a special Intel processor is to be released. As per the rumors, the new iMac will be redesigned and will house a special 10th GEN I9-10910 CPU with 10-cores and 20 threads, with a 95w TDP. It will also have the Radeon Pro 5300 GPU. This custom-tailored chip will have a base speed of 3.6Ghz and 4.7Ghz boost speed. The base is 28.6% higher than the original base speed. These speeds were in a Geekbench result by twitter user @rogame and were spotted by Tom’s Hardware. The benchmarks also told that the Radeon Pro 5300 GPU would have 4gb of vRAM along with a maximum clock speed of 1650Mhz. This could be the last Intel-based iMac by Apple.

apple imac 21.5 inch 2019 6 tejar 3

Other Products:

Along with the Mac, we can expect a 2020 Apple TV 6 with 64GB and 128GB storage configurations that, as per the news, will be ‘ready to ship.’ The luxury over-ear headphones with the price tag of $349 are also on the list. The word around the corner is that the iPhone 12 series lineup is also due for announcement in September and will be available for purchase in October.

To summarize, there are a lot of products that Apple will launch. The tweet by L0vetodream didn’t specify the Apple products that will be launched, but speculations are roaming around with Apple having a lot to offer. All that can be done is wait for the new Apple products to be released along with their price tags and anticipated delivery dates.