New Intel CPU Architecture Listed on Benchmark Database?

A very interesting listing has been found in the SiSoftware benchmark database. An Intel CPU with 6 cores and twelve threads running at 3GHz seems like it would be another 14nm CPU that Intel currently offers, but looking through the details we can see this chip is unlike any other CPU we’ve seen from Intel before.

intel l2 cache

This newly submitted CPU has a different L2 cache configuration from previous CPU offerings. This chip actually has an L2 cache of 1.25 MB per core, which is unlike anything that we’ve seen from Intel before. The only thing that even comes close is i9-10980XE, which features 1 MB of L2 cache.

It is unknown whether this CPU is 14nm or 10nm or even if it will fit into those lineups. It could be an iteration of 10 nm Tiger Lake, but it could also be the rumored 14 nm Rocket Lake. What we do know however is that this CPU features a new architecture compared to the Skylake iterations that we’ve seen. The L2 cache bump usually happens on new architectures.

The platform that was used for benchmarking was a SuperMicro X12DAi-N SMC X12 dual-socket motherboard, which ran two of these chips for a total of 12 cores and 24 threads.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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