Sapphire 5870 Vapor X

Just as things seemed to quiet down a little bit, Microsoft threw us a new OS named Windows 7. This OS quickly became extremely popular among users, because it offered us the stability, and a unique user interfacing that we all been longing for in an OS. As always with a new OS comes newer capabilities, the one capability in specific is Direct X 11. Like its predecessors Direct X 11 promises, a completely new way of interaction with our games (environment). The time between February and September was a dead season. Mostly during this time the major computer manufacturers were re-optimizing their already proving hardware. There’s been a lot of discussions and or speculation, on who would come out with what first, who would be the most powerful. Then Intel Introduced the Core i5/i7 1156 socket CPU, with this new CPU type pretty much ended the reign of the old Intel Socket 775 CPUs life. Just recently on October 22nd Microsoft released Windows 7 to the public. Around this same time, ATI released the very first Direct X 11 video card, the 5870.

Via [Bjorn3D]