Thermaltake Lanbox Lite Case Review

I am a pretty big gamer, and I definitely am known to frequent a LAN party or two. In most cases, I would be packing up one of my computers that was housed in a mid tower case, which was far from portable. Now having tested the Lanbox Lite and seen the room that this case provides, I think a LAN build will be in order for me. The easy installation with excellent airflow will allow me to run a full sized graphics card with good graphics power for gaming. In addition, the side windows and the stylish exterior will certainly garner attention from my fellow gamers at the next LAN party I attend. If LAN parties are not your thing, don’t pass over this case without a look. The stylish design and excellent interior space makes this a very nice HTPC case that will add a nice touch to any entertainment center. The quiet running fans do not contribute much to the noise levels, which makes for a quiet solution as a piece of entertainment for your home theater center.

Via [Hi Tech Legion]