Next-Gen HBM4 Memory To Be Introduced By Samsung In 2025

Samsung Electronics is set to commence mass production of HBM4 memory by 2025, aiming to broaden its manufacturing services to meet industry demands. Sang Joon Hwang, the leader of Samsung Electronics’ DRAM Product & Technology Team, shared this development in a blog post on Samsung’s newsroom, emphasizing the company’s intent to enhance its memory division.

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The post’s details indicate that Samsung has attracted the attention of prospective customers for its HBM3 memory technology, notably NVIDIA taking the forefront. The rise of genAI advancements has elevated the demand for essential hardware, causing a swift surge in the need for components like HBM3. NVIDIA is working to expand its supply chain, and Samsung Electronics plays a crucial role in this effort, as the company possesses the necessary facilities to meet the demand for DRAM in AI accelerators.

In addition to advancing the current-generation technology, Samsung is also on a fast track to develop the next-generation HBM4 process, slated for release in 2025. While detailed specifications about this memory type are scarce, Samsung has disclosed that HBM4 will incorporate features such as a “non-conductive film” and “hybrid copper bonding” to enhance power efficiency and thermal management. HBM4 will signify a pivotal step toward next-generation AI accelerators, ushering in new possibilities for computational capabilities in the industry.

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Samsung is positioning itself as a “unique” supplier, particularly as it concentrates on the expansion of chip packaging capabilities. There’s potential for a resurgence of Samsung’s memory division in the near future, provided the company can establish trust with potential clients.

Via Samsung