No New AMD Cards Until February 2019 According to ASRock Roadmap

ASRock recently shared some slides which detail their overall graphics card strategy up to February 2019. Looking at the roadmap we can gather some information from it. The first is that there are no new AMD cards listed here. While many might say ASRock wouldn’t share information on unannounced AMD graphics cards, according to this slide they are not planning for any new AMD cards until at least February 2019.

asrock roadmap 1

Another interesting thing is that the roadmap does not list any NVIDIA graphics cards, so it looks like ASRock will remain AMD-only for the time being. In August you will see revised versions of their Radeon RX 580 and Radeon RX 570 cards, which will likely be a different cooling solution.

asrock roadmap 2

ASRock also went over how they will be naming their cards going forward.

asrock roadmap 3

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