Noctua Entering The Liquid Cooling Market? Interesting Prototype Shown at Computex

Noctua is widely known in the PC cooling scene and we’ve reviewed quite a lot of their air coolers over the years. Something that they haven’t done is liquid cooling. Well that might all be changing as Noctua was showing off an interesting liquid cooling CPU cooler at Computex. The thing that makes this cooler different from others is that it has no pump!

Noctua Liquid Cooler

So instead of having the pump on top of the CPU block, integrated in the tubing, built into the radiator, Noctua’s prototype has no pump at all and makes use of two-phase thermosiphon to work. Jakob Dellinger of Noctua explained how it worked to PC Gamer…

“So in Italy or Greece, you see those rooftop water heaters? Yeah, thermosyphon base, heat the water, and then start circulating. And that’s exactly what happens here, except for a difference that it’s a two-phase thermosiphon.”

“So when the working fluid is over the CPU, it will evaporate and go through the vapour tube up into the condenser, where it cools off, condenses back to liquid state and then flows back the return line back to the evaporator to eventually evaporate again.”

“The reason why this is so such a promising technology is due to the latent heat of vaporisation. So when you have a pot of water, it takes, I don’t know, maybe 10 minutes to bring it to boiling, but it will take probably two hours to evaporate the whole amount of water. So there’s just so much more heat capacity in that phase change process. And this is what we’re utilising for cooling here.”

Noctua Liquid Cooler

This process sounds very much like how heatpipes work within CPU coolers, something Noctua of course knows a lot about. They have however teamed up with an aviation cooling company called Calyos to work on this project. Noctua’s goal here is “AIO level performance” without the downsides of a tradition AIO cooler that has a pump. So no noise, vibration or risk of failure. The only real caveat would be that the radiator and accompanying fans would have to be mounted to the top of a case, so any case that does not offer top-mounted cooling would not work with this type of cooler.

Noctua did not have any ETA on when or if this type of product would come to market, but it does look promising.

Via PC Gamer

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