Noctua Intros Two New Fan Series and Accessories

Noctua has just announced two new fan series to add to their portfolio. These two new fan series are the Redux and the IndustrialPPC (Protected Performance Cooling). The Redux is the more affordable series taking the company’s current fan offerings and offering them in a more streamlined package. The IndustrialPPC on the other hand are made for more advanced cooling with advanced ingress protection.

Noctua Redux Fans

The redux edition comprises both 4-pin PWM and 3-pin versions of NF-P14, NF-S12B, NF-B9 and NF-R8, all of which are proven, time-tested models that have convinced thousands of customers and helped to found Noctua’s reputation as a first-tier supplier of premium grade low noise cooling equipment. Altogether, there will be 13 redux models with speeds ranging from 700 to 1700rpm.

Noctua industrialPPC Fans

The industrialPPC line features ruggedised 2000 and 3000rpm versions of the award-winning NF-F12 and NF-A14 fans. Thanks to the outstanding aerodynamic efficiency of these designs and the use of a novel three-phase motor, the industrialPPC versions provide superior airflow and pressure capacity while keeping noise levels and power consumption moderate as against comparable high-speed fans. Their fibre-glass reinforced polyamide construction and certified water and dust protection (up to IP67) make the industrialPPC fans an ideal choice for highly demanding applications that require superior flow rates and ultimate dependability.


In addition to the new fan product lines, Noctua also introduced a wide range of accessory sets to complement these fans. For example, customers can upgrade their redux or industrialPPC fans with anti-vibration mounts (NA-SAV2), Low-Noise Adaptors (NA-SRC7 & NA-SRC10), extension cables (NA-SEC1 & NA-SEC2) or y-cables (NA-SYC1 & NA-SYC2).


“Our new product lines allow us to address audiences we have not been able to reach in the past”, explains Mag. Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO), “Coming at about 3/4 of the price of our standard models, the redux line is ideal for all those looking for a more affordable entry into the world of premium quality quiet cooling. The industrialPPC fans fulfil our industry client’s requests for high speed models that are suitable for use in challenging environments. However, I think they will also appeal to PC enthusiasts striving for extreme performance. Last but not least, the introduction of the two new product lines allows us to respond to the recurring demands for Noctua fans in different colors.”

Prices and availability
– redux 140mm: EUR 15.90 / USD 19.90
– redux 120mm: EUR 13.90 / USD 17.90
– redux 92mm: EUR 11.90 / USD 15.90
– redux 80mm: EUR 10.90 / USD 14.90
– industrialPPC 140mm IP52: EUR 26.90 / USD 29.90
– industrialPPC 140mm IP67: EUR 29.90 / USD 34.90
– industrialPPC 120mm IP52: EUR 24.90 / USD 26.90
– industrialPPC 120mm IP67: EUR 29.90 / USD 34.9
– Accessory sets: EUR 5.90 / USD 7.90

Source: Noctua | News Archive

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