Nokia Plans to Unveil Windows 8 Tablet in September, Phablet in November

Rumors are in the air that Nokia shall be soon announcing a Windows 8 tablet followed by Nokia Lumia Phablet in September and November respectively. It is believed that if the anonymous email tip sent to Nokiapoweruser turns out to be true, we will definitely get to see these new gadgets soon.


Actually Nokiapoweruser’s source declares to get hold of Nokia’s product roadmap, but due to non-availability of any document or image, they cannot claim this with conviction. According to the tipster, the tablet could be either a Windows 8.1 or Windows RT tablet, although Nokia is inclined towards the previous as Nokia is not even sure itself of the Windows RT platform.

If we talk about the Nokia Lumia Phablet which is expected to possess a 6-inch screen, we believe that an announcement will take place sometime in the first week of November. The tipster also unveils the fact that dual SIM Lumias will hit the market in October, and besides this, Nokia will also be working on launching a new product every month from now onwards till December.

Obviously it is still just a rumor, so no point of any high expectations. Although, presuming that the roadmap might be correct, most probably Nokia will have a device in every category of the mobile market by the end of the year.

Source: Nokiapoweruser | News Archive