Nokia Windows RT Tablet Spotted with Verizon Branding, said to Launch in September

Nokia is still struggling to gain the market share it has lost in the past few years and the Finnish company has made some difficult decisions like opting for Windows Phone OS instead of ever-growing Android.

With its Lumia smartphone series running Windows Phone 8, it has come a long way and it seems that now Nokia is all set to step in the tablet market dominated by Apple’s iPad and Android tablets. Few days back we were hearing that Asus and some other tablet manufacturers are in no mood to further support Windows RT but Nokia once again is going to take a difficult decision.

A Windows RT tablet from Nokia has been spotted in the wild and that too with Verizon and 4G LTE logos on the back. We can clearly see from the leaked photo that the tablet is using Nokia’s unibody polycarbonate design and the aggressive red color is looking cool.

Nokia Windows RT Tablet

The rumored specs for this unnamed tablet are a 10.1-inch display, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and LTE support. Snapdragon 800 is undoubtedly a performance beast and a Windows RT tablet using this powerhouse will be interesting.

Inside sources from Nokia has unveiled that Nokia will announce this Windows RT tablet next month in New York during a special launch event scheduled for September 26th.

It is also rumored to launch on AT&T in the US. I must say this is an interesting and more of a risky step taken by Nokia.

Image courtesy of Digi-Wo

Source: Digi-Wo | News Archive