Nokia’s First Android Phone Still in the Works

The Verge recently issued a report on the Nokia Normandy which still remains to be quite a mystery and we don’t really know which of the rumors to trust. The recently revealed piece of information shows that this phone is going to be an Android based phone. There are a multiple names for this device through which it is recognized internally and it has been stated that this one is going to be at par with the low-cost Nokia Asha range. This is not bad considering that the Nokia Normandy is going to be running a heavily modified Android version which is going to be quite similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire range.


Because of the OS, all the popular and much demanded for Android Apps will be able to run on the phone and this is one of the most prominent things on which Nokia is going to be doing better; with this it is going to address a major shortcoming of the current Nokia Asha lineup. Though the device has been rumored to launch in 2014, we still can’t be sure of what to expect since Microsoft’s acquisition.

Source: The Verge | News Archive