Intel’s 14nm Broadwell Lineup Details Leaked

Intel’s next gen processor which was based on the 14nm fabrication process has finally been seen now. And Broadwell will be benefiting the notebook/laptop platform and this most typically picks up the most from any progressions in the productivity and efficiency of the TDP.

Intel Broadwell

It has been confirmed that Broadwell is going to enhance the performance of the CPU/GPU (on-chip) and at the same time it will acquire some noteworthy decrease in the power utilization. It has been stated that it will be out for release by the second quarter of 2014. Some details have been revealed about Intel’s 14nm fab process. The versatile Mobile “Core” Processors are essentially separated into H, U/Y and M classifications. H denotes the high performance, M is mainstream or standard and the U/Y is the ultra low voltage processors. The U and Y arrangements permit unimaginable electric cell life at the same time it maintains the level of performance as well.

It has been known by now that in Broadwell, the H arrangement is going to be isolated into the two categories of Dual Chip and Single Chip Processors. The Dual Chip is going to feature up to 4 Cores and a maximum of 8 Threads. On the other hand the Single Chip will feature 2 Cores with Max 4 Threads. The Former is either going to feature the GT3e or the GT2 GPU and it will support up to 6MB of L3 Cache. It comes with a DDR3L memory of 32 GB and has been clocked at 1600 MHz. Moreover, the TDP will be of 47 W but there are possibilities that the configurations are going to diminish this to 37w. And apart from the contemporary chip sets of the usual HM86, HM87, QM87, there is going to be a new one; the HM97.

Source: ChinaDIY | News Archive