Thursday, September 20, 2018

November 2010 in Review

Wow winter is here! It is December already! It seems like this year has gone by so quickly! Only 1 more month till we are at CES! November was a busy month for us here at ThinkComputers, we published 24 posts and out of those posts my favorite review would have to be the OCZ RevoDrive 50GB PCI-E Solid State Drive. It was the first PCI-E solid state drive that I have reviewed, and the technology behind it was very cool! Also remember we are giving away 5 GeForce GT 240 video cards! Read on to check out the rest of the stats from November!

Popular Content
So what was everyone checking out in September? Let’s take a look…

Great to see some of the latest reviews reviews getting a lot of traffic and interesting to see the black friday promo getting as much traffic as it did!!

Traffic Sources

Thanks everyone for posting our news!

Post Numbers
We published a total of 18 posts this month, so who posted the most?


Site Updates
– Finally changed the top link from our CES 2010 coverage to our GeForce GT 240 Giveaway
– Put up our holiday logo
– Added a new banner to the sidebar

Old Reviews Moved to the New Site
– None

Remember you can always look at old reviews on the old version of the site!

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