NVIDIA CMP 170HX Mining Card With GA100 GPU Comes With A Massive Heatspreader

Crypto Mining equipment and expensive graphics cards are two things that gamers despise. Both of these boxes happen to be checked by the NVIDIA CMP 170HX.

Linus Tech Tips tested CMP 170HX, a crypto mining card from NVIDIA. Unlike earlier CMP HX variants, this card is built by NVIDIA. A big copper heatsink is housed in a massive aluminum shroud on this headless graphics card. The server chassis cools the card, so that it doesn’t require a fan to cool it down.


Though, there aren’t many photographs of the CMP 170HX on the Internet. Linus, fortunately, had the foresight to look beneath the hood of the card. The GPU has a massive heat spreader that completely covers the interposer space. The CMP 170HX GA100 card comes with 8GB HBM2e memory support and 4480 CUDA cores. In comparison, A100 is a better performer, as it features a 80GB memory along with 6912 cores.


The current DAG file for Ethereum mining is under 5GB, which makes it compatible with a reasonably sized memory buffer. The card does not have a vast range of tuning options. Nonetheless, the power limit is still adjustable. This tends to improve the efficiency of the card from 250W to 200W with approximately the identical hash rate (~165 MH/s for Ethereum).