NVIDIA Doubles Price For its GeForce NOW Membership

NVIDIA has announced to increase the prices of its NVIDIA Geforce NOW premium membership. NVIDIA Geforce NOW is a low-latency streaming service through which you can access the third-party purchased games while using NVIDIA PC as a gateway.

Previously the premium tier, aka “Founders Edition,” was priced at 4.99 USD a month, but now it has been doubled to 9.99 USD a month. However, gamers who subscribed to the premium membership before March 17 will pay the old prices. No changes have been made to the free membership of the Geforce Now.

Moreover, NVIDIA will offer an annual premium membership for $100. NVIDIA has also revealed what’s in the pipeline. They will introduce frame rate synchronization to match client-side display capability.

They also have plans to expand the Geforce service. Currently, it is not available in all regions, so the eastern hemisphere relies on 3rd party network provider services, which results in an increased price.