NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Incoming

According to reports NVIDIA is putting the finishing touches on their GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. This card will be based on the new GP107 silicon, which will be NVIDIA’s fifth ASIC based on the “Pascal” architecture (after GP100, GP102, GP104, and GP106). The GP107 will feature 768 CUDA cores, 48 TMUs, 32 ROPs, and a 128-bit wide GDDR5 interface that holds 4 GB of memory.


The GTX 1050 should max out all resources on the chip, with clock speeds coming in at 1318 MHz core, 1380 MHz GPU Boost, and 7.00 GHz memory (GDDR5-effective), which works out to 112 GB/s of memory bandwidth. This card could run under 75W, or at least under 100W. It could be positioned between AMD’s Radeon RX 460 and Radeon RX 470 4 GB.

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