NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 For Notebooks Specifications Leaked

At Computex PC maker Clevo was showing off their P775DM2-G gaming notebook, which was confirmed to feature NVIDIA’s next-generation Pascal mobile graphics card, but the exact model is not known. A leaked photograph, which you see below shows the details of the card.


According to this image the graphics card would feature 2048 CUDA cores, 8GB of memory, and a 256-bit memory interface. The clock speed is set at 1442 MHz and the memory clock is at 8 GHz.

So first the CUDA core count, 2048 CUDA cores is less than the 2560 CUDA cores found in the desktop GTX 1080, but more than what is in the desktop GTX 1070. Also the desktop GTX 1080 runs at 1607 MHz whereas this GPU is running at 1442 MHz. Another thing that stands out is the memory bandwidth which is 256 GB/s, the desktop GTX 1080 has a memory bandwidth of 320 GB/s thanks to the newer GDDR5X memory. Does this mean that the notebook versions of the cards will only have GDDR5 (non X) memory?

A few days ago PCGamer ran a story in which they said the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 would arrive in notebooks with unchanged configurations, but looking at the leaked image above that is likely not true. So this could indeed be the GTX 1080M.

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