NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Overclocked Benchmarks Leaked

Just yesterday we released some of the leaked benchmarks of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card and now overclocked benchmarks have been released. These benchmarks show massive overclocking headroom for the GTX 780 Ti.


Because the GeForce GTX 780 Ti uses a very powerful cooler overclocking is made easier and you can push the card much further than say a R9 290X which we know has some heat issues. Below you will see two screenshots. The first is the stock score of the GTX 780 Ti in 3DMark Fire Strike, the second is AMD R9 290X in the same test.



Now it is overclocking time. The poster did not mention the clock speeds for this test, but we can guess it is around 1150 MHz for the core, which is a very nice overclock considering the cards stock core speed of 928 MHz.


The user was able to bring the card even higher up to 1233 MHz to achieve the score you see below.


Finally the user was able to get the card all the way up to 1300 MHz! And you can see that score below as well.


For those wondering how other high-end cards do in 3DMark Firestrike here is a quick graph.


As you can see an overclocked GeForce GTX 780 Ti will surpass all of those cards. The overclocking headroom on the card is extremely impressive and we don’t think even a custom R9 290X with an aftermarket cooler could reach the overclocking potential of the R9 290X.

Source: Chiphell Forums | News Archive

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