NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks Leaked

To all those who had anticipating these leaks, the GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks can now be spotted on the internet. The source of these leaks should not be doubted since they are highly reliable and come from the Chinese forums Chiphell. For perfect comparison, we have presented you the GTX 780 Ti vs the R9 290x benchmarks.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti

The first benchmark shows the highly visible second place of the GTX 780 Ti as against the Dual GPU card GTX 690 in Futuremark benchmarks. But even though it’s second against the GTX 690, the GTX 780 Ti still beats both the R9 290X and the GTX Titan and manages to stay above them.


Next we have the Unigine Valley Benchmark under which the testing has taken place at varying resolutions including 4k resolution. In this one, the Dual GPU 690 beats the 780 Ti. The benchmarks for the GTX 780 Ti are a little surprising and unexpected. It has 1 GB less memory as compared to the R9 290X but it still managed to stay ahead in the 4k section.


The benchmark of the Alien Vs Predator 3 shows that the GTX 780 Ti is in the leading once again. The only difference is that this time the R9 290X has taken the lead in the 4k section.


For the Battlefield 3 benchmarks, the GTX 780 Ti once again is taking the lead in all aspects but the lesser memory shortcoming which we talked about earlier has the GTX 780 Ti at a disadvantage in the 4k department. Because of its limited memory of 3 GB, it is not able to take the lead and hence remains at an almost equal level with the R9 290X.


The GTX 780 Ti is also leading the charts for Bioshock: Infinite but is not alone in the lead; the GTX 690 is also dominating. For this department, the results for the 4k section are not the same and the leading one is the GTX 780 Ti as the R9 290X performs slightly less.


To sum it all up, it won’t be wrong to say that the GTX 780 Ti has taken the dominating lead but at some points, its limited 3 GB memory had it at a disadvantage.

Source: Chiphell Forums | News Archive