HGST Ships 6 TB Ultrastar He6 Helium-Filled Hard Drives

It has been reported that the 6 TB Ultrastar He6 hard disk drive (HDD) is finally being shipped by HGST, which is a known Western Digital company. HP, Netflix, Huawei Unified Storage, CERN, Green Revolution Cooling and Code42 are some of the big names which have worked with HGST and have been the Key OEM, cloud and research leaders helping HGST all along. These are just a few prominent names, there are many other names which are associated with well known largest social media and search companies.


HGST’s cutting-edge HelioSeal platform was revealed in the year 2012 in September and had the intention of creating a wider storage capacity. Most of the times higher capacities are associated with higher prices but this one aims to extend the storage space and aims to keep the customer total cost of ownership as low as possible. The Ultrastar He6 drive benefits from the advantages of Helium which has a lighter density as compared to air. HGST is planning to address the market segments of cold storage and this helium feature is going to serve as the building block in the future.

HGST’s innovative and patented HelioSeal process makes the he6 drive the first ever hermetically sealed helium-filled HDD which also has the advantage of being cost effectively reproduced in larger quantities. The drive is everything that a company can wish for as the storage requirements are growing constantly and at the same time companies don’t want their IT costs to shoot up. This gives them a chance a low 5.3 idle watts 6TB which also weighs less (only 640g). The most prominent benefits include the lighter weight, higher storage capacity, lower power consumption and the best density footprint. And since the drives are hermetically sealed, they also serve as a platform for liquid cooling.

Source: HGST | News Archive