Cougar Announces the MX500 Mid-Tower PC Chassis

A new PC case has come from Cougar and the official announcement has already been made. It is going to be a mid tower case and the model has been tagged as the MX500. This is perfect for those who are looking for chassis which provide a wider platform for upgrading and this one has quite a lot of capacity for that. With the growing demands of users from their PCs and the burden that eventually generates, the cooling and the ventilation systems are the most important and the MX500 has both in place; it offers optimal airflow and ventilation characteristics.

Cougar MX500 PC Case

The MX500 model has been built on the dimensions of 210 (W) x 475 (H) x 480 (D) mm and has been designed with a rich black coating on both the inner and outer sides. With a top I/O panel, it also features four USB ports out of which 2 are for USB 2.0 and three are for USB 3.0. The case can support Micro ATX and ATX motherboards and provides capacity for graphics cards up to 410 mm long. Along with this, there is enough room for three 5.25-inch bays, seven 3.5-inch drive bays (out of which three can be used to install the 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs), and seven PCI slots. For the support of the cooling and ventilation systems, the case can support seven fans in total with two (120 mm) coming pre-installed.

Source: Cougar | News Archive