Spire Announces the Archer I Ergonomic Mouse

The extensive use of computers and the peripherals have always been a great cause of concern for those who want to avoid the health issues which are related to this. RSI and Carpal Tunnel syndrome are two of the types of the health issues which are faced due to the use of computers and these are often the result of long hours of use. There haven’t been many peripherals and devices which aim towards reducing the risk of having any one of these while using computers but Spire has taken to it and their newest line of products will make sure that the use of computers has been made comfortable and stress free. These include the ergonomics designed mice which will take care of the user’s health.

Spire Archer I

One of these is the Archer I which has been designed keeping in mind that the least amount of stress is given to the arms, elbows and the wrist. This special mouse provides a comfortable resting place for the palm and provides support for the hand. The finger buttons are also placed in such a way that they avoid the hovering of fingers.

Spire Archer I

The mouse, which can easily be connected with a USB, is given away by the company with a 2 year warranty attached and has been priced at USD 19.99.

Spire Archer I

Source: Spire | News Archive

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