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Spire PowerCube 715 Micro-ATX PC Chassis
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Spire Unveils the PowerCube 715 Micro-ATX PC Chassis

Spire is pleased to introduce the all new PowerCube 715 PC enclosure. Built for the more powerful Micro ATX boards as well as the smaller Mini ITX boards which are both accommodated by this chassis. The PowerCube 715 provisions for a powerful home, office or multimedia system. The elegant and neat enclosure looks make it fit in any setting from home, business to public sector.

Sprire Swirl IV
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Spire Announces Swirl IV CPU Cooler

Spire has just announced their 4th generation of its Swirl CPU coolers. As the name suggests the Swirl IV features a unique fin-stack design in which swirl-shaped fins are arranged perpendicular to the plane of the motherboard. A lateral-flow fan then pushes air drawn from the central cutout in all directions through the fin-stacks that surround it.

Spire Archer I
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Spire Announces the Archer I Ergonomic Mouse

One of these is the Archer I which has been designed keeping in mind that the least amount of stress is given to the arms, elbows and the wrist. This special mouse provides a comfortable resting place for the palm and provides support for the hand. The finger buttons are also placed in such a way that they avoid the hovering of fingers.

X2 Eclipse IV CPU Cooler
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Spire Announces the X2 Eclipse IV CPU Cooler

The Eclipse IV has been announced by X2 and Spire. This cooler is the successor to the companies award winning TherMax series coolers and is said to offer even more performance. The heatsink is made up of 45 aluminum stacked fins. The front and rear of the fins have a shark-teeth design for better outflow of air. Six 6 mm copper heatpipes makes a "U" shape and go up into the heatsink stack. These heatpipes are soldered to the base of the cooler and are nickel plated.

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Spire Announces PowerCube 702 Mini-ITX Case

Here we are with the future of Spire mini ITX, the Spire PowerCube. Day to day we are experiencing numerous innovations in the field of PCs. Since we all know that with passing time, compact designs are getting in demand. Spire has exactly come up with a similar package for its users. This stylish PowerCube Mini ITX is a designer piece in itself. The case has been made to the highest possible quality to provide you with the satisfaction you are looking for, in a small yet powerful pack.

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Spire Intros Diablo Entry Level Chassis

The Spire Diablo pc chassis is a versatile ATX enclosure with a modest gamer look. This tower structure is contemporary and cost effective. The meshed aluminum front panel allows unrestricted fresh air intake which is mandatory for today’s extremely hot Micro-processors, Graphic cards and Data Drives. The internal is made completely black and the layout provides enough room for hardware assembly. The Diablo supports up to six (6) 3.5-inch & three (3) 5.25-inch drive devices.

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X2 by Spire Introduces the 6018 “MOD Series”

Introducing the new compact PC case from X2 representing a great combination of versatility and durability. The 6018 is positioned in the MOD Series, which is represents easy system modification, upgrading and awesome display options. Built with SECC reinforced steel, this tower structure gives you the flexibility to mod your system and show of your gear through the clear-window side panel. If you like to keep things secret X2 have a version for you with meshed side panel which doesn't reveal your hardware. The X2 by Spire sticker is an include and can be applied upon your choice. Sufficient room is available for the installation of larger CPU coolers and long 295mm Graphic-cards.

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Spire Introduces the X2 6011 MOD Series Gamer Chassis

The X2.6011 is the newest addition to the Spire X2 product range. Built with 0.8mm steel maximum performance and computing satisfaction. Every element of the case has been engineered to provide maximum cooling performance. Up to six large 12cm fans can be placed throughout the X2.6011 ensuring unbeatable cooling. The pre-installed dust filters limit the amount of dust that gets sucked into the case. The spacious internal design enables flexible assembly and sufficient room for the installation of water-cooling.

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Spire Announces the Versis PC Chassis

Introducing the Spire Versis PC chassis series. The Spire Versis is an completely inverted chassis design, meaning that the mainboard is mounted on the left side of the case. For those who are looking for something different from the standard PC case, the Versis series are a great choice! Featuring a fresh and unique, all meshed front panel design, completely tool free drive bays, Top I/O panel with 1*USB3.0, 1*USB2.0 and HD/AC97 audio connectors. The Versis is supplied with 3 pre-installed fans: 2 x 12cm Blue LED fans installed on the front and 1 x 9cm silent fan on the rear.

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Spire BlackDragon 400W Power Supply Review

Spire, a company known for their cooling products, is branching off into alternative products. Today we’ll be looking at one of three new power supplies in their newly released BlackDragon series. This line of PSU’s is geared towards enthusiasts and PC gamers. A black coloring and blue LED fan are some of its visual features. Read on further to see if this is power supply is worth the price.

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