The GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package Being Paid Out

The online players of GTA had been experiencing a little trouble and this issue had been going on since last month. One of the most played games had caused quite a havoc when online users started getting some problems and following the complaints the game developer Rockstar promised that it would somehow compensate for these problems. It finally appears that the Rockstar is keeping its word. Though they have gotten a bit late in delivering what should have been delivered immediately to satisfy the players, yet their efforts are finally starting to show up.

GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package

Staying true to its word, Rockstar has started paying the early adopters $500,000 in virtual currency. This applies to all online users in the month of October. This amount helps in organizing the racing cars and heists. The game developer has made an estimate that the wrap up of all these handouts will be done within the next two days and there will be no further delay. They have compensated for whatever problems occurred on the online version but they have also made clear that gamers will face fewer problems now since they have started working on the problem. They have fixed the issues through a technique which will prevent the cloud sync outages and over burdens by removing the progress. The players of GTA Online might not completely be over the inconvenience but they sure will be happy to receive the compensating reward.

Source: Rockstar | News Archive