ECS Introduces Durathon Technology for Motherboards

ECS has come up with the most wanted solution which everyone had been wishing for in their Durathon Technology. This newest innovation provides ways for PCs to live longer and better. Humidity can be a serious issue and can become a hindrance in the functionality of the PCs and this can lead to many mishaps such as short circuit, burn out malfunction and even unstable performance. ECS brings the highest quality components for the building up of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). These high quality components are more than what the industry standards demand and their presence ensures that the motherboard can deliver a stable performance which the users have been promised.


The Triple Density PCB has been certified under the ECS Durathon Technology and makes use of the highest level Bi-Directional Splitting Glass Fabric. This is what provides the protection against humidity and in this regard it is three times more effective than the ordinary glass fabric. Eventually, it succeeds in delivering the most stable performance one can expect from a computer and will prevent any malfunctions.


The problem with the ordinary components can be explained through the detail that the vacant space between the glass fabrics of the PCB can cause the main trouble. The Bi-Directional Splitting Glass Fabric prevents any hindrances as it narrows this gap and this lowers the air permeability, keeping away the dampness which comes in through the air. This also means that the Durathon Triple Density PCB will lower the thermal stress of the PCB and the motherboard will be allowed to handle the heat.

Some of the specifications of the ECS Durathon have been highlighted below for a quick review:

• Triple Density PCB
• Extreme Temperature Resistance
• 1.5K Marathon Testing
• Superior Solid Capacitors

Source: ECS | News Archive