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HGST Hard Drives Most Reliable of 2017 According To Backblaze Report

At the end of 2017 we had 93,240 spinning hard drives. Of that number, there were 1,935 boot drives and 91,305 data drives. This post looks at the hard drive statistics of the data drives we monitor. We'll review the stats for Q4 2017, all of 2017, and the lifetime statistics for all of the drives Backblaze has used in our cloud storage data centers since we started keeping track.

HGST 10TB Hard Drive
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The HGST 10TB Hard Drive is Coming Soon!

Not that long ago HGST, formally knows as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced their 10TB helium-filled drives and it looks like we will be seeing them come to market very soon. This new drive will be part of HGST's UltraStar HelioSeal line and will have seven platters inside with each having a capacity of 1.43 TB.

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HGST Ships 6 TB Ultrastar He6 Helium-Filled Hard Drives

It has been reported that the 6 TB Ultrastar He6 hard disk drive (HDD) is finally being shipped by HGST, which is a known Western Digital company. HP, Netflix, Huawei Unified Storage, CERN, Green Revolution Cooling and Code42 are some of the big names which have worked with HGST and have been the Key OEM, cloud and research leaders helping HGST all along. These are just a few prominent names, there are many other names which are associated with well known largest social media and search companies.

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