The HGST 10TB Hard Drive is Coming Soon!

Not that long ago HGST, formally knows as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced their 10TB helium-filled drives and it looks like we will be seeing them come to market very soon. This new drive will be part of HGST’s UltraStar HelioSeal line and will have seven platters inside with each having a capacity of 1.43 TB. The drives makes use of modern shingled magnetic recording technology and are filled with helium for increased recording density.

HGST 10TB Hard Drive

We do not have the full specifications for the drive, but we do know the SATA 3.0 3.5-inch form factor drive will have 128 MB of cache. HGST is also planning a second 10TB drive that will have increased recording density as it will have six 1.66 TB platters.

No word on pricing, but expect to see the first 10 TB drive out by the end of Q1 2015.

Source: HiTechReview | News Archive

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