Gamers Affected By Windows 8.1 Mouse Bug

Gamers are utterly disappointed and frustrated as their gaming continues to deteriorate under the influence of the bug which has been reported on Windows 8.1. The presence of the bug has been affecting the mouse input and this is extremely prominent while gaming as it tends to become one of the most important things.


All this has lead to mouse control issues and have resulted in things such as jittering which happens when the cursor uncontrollably jumps back and forth. There are some other major problems too such as the scale disparity because of which the distance moved on the screen is not in line with the distance moved with the mouse and the inadequate mouse polling frequency which highly affects the mouse input.

With so many complains about the bug, Microsoft has responded to the issue on forums and apparently it is trying to fix whatever is wrong with Windows version but there is no exact date and we don’t know when exactly this problem is going to get solved. It has been speculated that all gamers are not facing the exact same problems; there is going to be diversity depending on the type of game which is being played and the type of mouse which is being used to play the game. Some people have claimed that their problem was solved when they changed their mouse input to raw in-game but this hasn’t worked for everyone and all they can do is wait for the official fix. For those who cannot wait for that long, it is recommended that they keep going on different discussion forums and try the solutions given there.

Source: PC World | News Archive