NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 GPUs to be in limited supply until 2021

NVIDIA announced its new generation of RTX GPUs, in what was one of the most striking product launches we have seen in this pandemic. The cards offer great value, especially for RTX cards, and are expected to be In heavy demand. However, it appears that these cards will be in very limited supply until 2021.

This information comes from an exclusive report from Anthony, over at Tweak Town. It says that an industry source claims that there will be “no stock will be available till the end of the year”. Apparently the first batch of stock that will roll out will be very limited, the most it has been in many years.

The report speculates that this limited stock could be because of the uncertainty around the yield of Samsung’s 8nm process on which these new cards are based. Another possible reason stated is that NVIDIA wants to take it slow and scope out AMDs strategy with the upcoming RDNA2 Big Navi generation of GPUs.

Tweak Town is s trustworthy source, so this report is bound to hold up. If you’re planning on getting an NVIDIA RTX 30 GPU, you might want to get your pre-order in ASAP.

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Via Tweak Town

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